Standing Up - Speaking Out

There is widespread concern for the health and survivability of Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC), our national amateur radio organization. The objective of this website is to stimulate a long overdue and serious conversation about its future and by extension, the future of amateur radio in Canada.

There is a long history here - concern didn’t just emerge over night. The issues are deep rooted and emotionally charged. Cynicism abounds that nothing  can turn the ship around. Most believe the ship is “Titanic” and the current captain and crew are merely rearranging the deck chairs.

That being said, sitting idly by is not an option - not for me at least - hence this website.

I hope you will review all the material, and after doing so, you will feel motivated enough to step forward and participate in a dialogue concerning the transformation of our national organization - the rejuvenation of our beloved amateur radio.

The opinions herein are not intended as a definitive, all-encompassing solution. Rather, the notions and ideas advanced are meant as a framework and stimulus for change - for serious dialogue and debate - for the transformation, growth and development of amateur radio in Canada.

Best regards and please feel free to contact me,

John, VE1OZ / HK3C

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PS: sight has to do with what we can see; vision has to do with what we can be. The reason people and organizations get stuck at the same level is because their vision is limited. They don’t see themselves growing or getting healthier. All they see is more of the same. More lack. More struggle. More defeat. They are producing what they’re seeing.