11 - Passionate leadership trumps all

23 August 2010

Greetings RAC board, executive and special advisors,

Leadership versus management: Great teams don't happen without visionary leadership and management. Both attributes are required for great performance.

Leadership inspires - management explains what is expected and measures results.

Leadership guides - management navigates, explaining the who, what, why, where, and how of things.

Leadership provides hope - management analyses performance, communicating with and motivating the team.

Leadership is visionary, able to describe the future - management maintains a steady course towards desired goals and objectives.

Leadership rallies the team to do what’s right - management identifies issues and solves problems.

Leadership and management are clearly complementary. Both are required for great team performance. Radio Amateurs of Canada needs the leadership of the board and executive, and it’s largely about passion - dreaming of what the future state of RAC could be.

Remember Gerry King, VE3GK (the “Golden Kilowatt”)? Gerry had passion and was known not only for his BIG antenna systems, but also for the tiny full-KW amplifiers he designed and built. Gerry was a huge inspiration and changed the lives of many of his students at Highland Park High School where he taught shop. Gerry was passionate about amateur radio, always talking about possibilities. Gerry made a difference. Gerry was a leader.

The same can be said about Art Blick, VE3AHU, “Mister CARF”, Ron Hesler, VE1SH, CRRL’s public relations chief, Tom Atkins, VE3CDM, RSO and IARU president. All were passionate about amateur radio - all were visionary, all were leaders, always thinking and talking about future possibilities. All have passed on but their memories linger.

Doing the right thing always trumps doing everything right. And nothing beats inspired, visionary leadership with passion. RAC’s transformation needs to be driven by that kind of leadership, originating from where you want the organization to be - RAC’s new being.