10 - Start in the future

22 August 2010

Greetings RAC board, executive and special advisors,

Most of what has been presented comes from the “Better Organizations section of my other website at www.hk3c.ca and is essentially the result of thirty-plus years of leadership and change management experience - what works and what doesn’t. None of this material is new. Further, these notions were advanced at the Annual RAC Board Meeting on 3 May 2008 in Cornwall, Ontario.

Gentlemen, in light of what RAC is facing, the organization’s transformation must be unstoppable. The path is not about arrival; it’s about what RAC will become along the journey.

Intention: Use the unstoppable power of intention. Be clear about what you want to create. To do so you must have a clear, true, deep, authentic desire.

Elimination: Release anything not in alignment with your intention. When you plant a seed, the first thing that comes up is the dirt. Get rid of the dirt. It’s hard to stay focused on your intention when you’re focused on reaction.

Attention: Use the creative power of your attention. Attention is the daily practice of intention. Create new habits, new practice. Habits create your destiny.

Decision: Decision is intention with legs. Stop waiting to be qualified enough. Why not make a decision? Small decisions will teach how to make big decisions.

Take action: Action is decision with legs. Get deliberate - don’t react - instead act. Be proactive. Take conscious action.

Honour the past: Get complete with the past - honour it, otherwise, as the RAC leadership, you’ll miss out on your potential. And recognize this - where you are right now has been created by your past or present. It is your being.

Support: Reach out for support - to RAC’s entire constituency. Don’t forget Waldo. After all, isn’t RAC’s constituency the reason you are in your respective roles?

Think about RAC’s transformation from where you want the organization to be.